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Mindful Inclusion is about unlocking the Power of Collective Genius. It is not just about a seat at the table, being heard or feeling wanted, it is about having the power to drive change and impact outcomes that matter most. We designed this solution based on extensive research to unlock real progress through behavior change focused on conscious actions.

Our solution is about helping leaders make better decisions to foster a culture of inclusion in their organization. It is about more inclusive actions, at more moments of truth, more completely.

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Authentic leadership

Leadership transformation that creates Authentic Inclusive Leaders, who encourage the whole (integral, integrated, Intersectional) human participation and are a vehicle for extraordinary inclusive and valued collaboration, at all levels, thereby unleashing the synergistic, multiplicative human energy in an organization to achieve transformational results. We do this by enabling leaders to leverage the power of relatedness, listening, transformative conversations and being for the people in their organizations.

Flex @ Scale©

Flex @ Scale is the ecosystem that empowers teams to decide what, how, where and when work gets done with a laser focus on results. Our solution addresses the need of the hour, which is to connect the dots across the ecosystem and build capabilities & readiness for a hybrid world.

We designed this solution based on extensive research, listening labs & insights from progressive leaders to address the shifts below, and bridge the needs of employers and employees around flexibility & autonomy through an ecosystem, with teams at the center of how work gets done.

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authentic collaboration

An Authentic Co-creative Collaboration between employees and companies that results in organization transformation through a common understanding of employee and business needs and goals that creates transformation in work approach to achieve breakthrough integrated personal and organizational results.

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